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  • Stories Matter 1.6e

    Stories Matter is a new oral History DataBase Tool built for oral historians by oral historians, as an alternative to transcription. This free, open source software allows for the archiving of digital video and audio
  • Thomas Eakins Painting Screensaver 2.0

    Thomas Eakins Painting Screensaver displays 13 Thomas Eakins paintings. Thomas Eakins was an American realist painter, photographer, sculptor, and fine arts educator. He is widely acknowledged to be one of the most
  • Mystery of Nastradamus 1.0

    great Michel Nostradamus's adventures! You are on a "lifetime" travel through the pages of his diary. You will open great secrets, meet famous people of his epoch and be enriched with new knowledge. Plus, uncover the
  • Great Secters Da Vinci 1.0

    You will play the part of the great Leonardo da Vinci! Embark on an exciting life-long adventure where you will discover great mysteries, meet famous people of his time and find new
  • MiniMinder 8.3

    MiniMinder serves up a Slick, daily countdown for all the upcoming events you wish to track. You can set yearly, quarterly, monthly or daily events, events such as the 4th Thursday of the month, events in increments such
  • Mystery Of Nostradamus 1.0

    Join great Michel Nostradamus's adventures! You will go on a "lifetime" travel through the pages of his diary. You'll be able to open great secrets, meet famous people of his epoch, to be enriched with new knowledge and,
  • Quote Puzzle 1.0

    Quote Puzzle is a fun and addictive game to play on your PDA. After you unscramble a famous and inspirational quote, you will get a chance to answer which famous person spoke the quote. You are asked to unscramble
  • MonitorWare Console 3.0

    MonitorWare Console is an analysis application for Windows event logs, firewalls and network events. It offers live, interactive views and great reports. A number of helpful tools are included, even a network scanner.
  • Famous Artists Screensaver 1.0

    Do you admire painting in oils or in watercolors. Our screensaver offers you a great opportunity to see the masterpieces of famous artist without going to a Museum or a picture gallery. Just download this famous Artists
  • WTA Tennis Navigator 1.9

    Tennis Navigator is a unique program, a perfect guide through the world of tennis. By this program you will always be informed about all the tennis events, operationally get to know the last matches results, be able to
  • RJT DateCalc

    The date calc program exists to assist Family historians calculate dates from any two of the three following elements Birth Date Event Date Age at
  • Toolbar

    With famousWhy toolbar you can enjoy the latest celebrities news, software for download, famous people biographies, birthdays and celebrities marriages and relationships. This toolbar extracts and displays the main
  • Famous screensaver 1.06

    famous is an impressive screensaver with letters Falling Down the screen while the camera slowly moves forward. Names of famous characters appear and disappear until a text you can define becomes visible. famous is 100%
  • Great Bridges Screensaver 1.0

    The free great Bridges Screensaver will take you on an Unforgettable virtual tour around the world. You will stop at the most famous bridges such as Brooklyn Bridge, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Venice
  • AEReminder 1.2

    AEReminder represents a manager of events, with which you can improve planning of time, amplify the control of important events, draw up plans for the future and keep a diary. AEReminder is not exacting to resources,
  • Genota

    Genota is a free form research organiser designed to assist genealogists and family historians alike manage and document the seemingly endless array of information normally collected during research, whether it be in
  • National Geographic Games Herod's Lost Tomb for Mac 1.0

    Inspired by the National Geographic TV Special, Herod's Lost Tomb is an exciting hidden-object game that takes you on an archeological journey of King Herod the great and offers you the chance to experience a real-life
  • MatrikonOPC Server for KNX 1.9

    The KNX OPC Server from MatrikonOPC provides secure and reliable real-time data access between all KNX and any OPC-enabled applications such as historians, HMIs, and SCADA ...etc. This KNX OPC Server securely
  • Great Art Through the Ages Slide Show Screen Saver

    great Art Through the Ages Slide Show Screen Saver is a useful screen saver which contains 10 slides and 13 famous works of great art with full features. User can choose to show or hide slide controller and can also
  • Jiffy Address Book 2.0

    Jiffy is an easy-to-use Contact Manager which will help you organize all your contacts and events and make them available to you at the touch of a button. This will save you time so you can be more productive. If you are
  • Napoleon's Campaigns 1.0

    Napoleon's Campaigns is the follow-up to the successful Birth of America and American Civil War. This historical strategy game is dedicated to the French emperor s famous exploits between 1804 and 1815. Features: -
  • Rap Musicians Screensaver 1.0

    One of the most popular streams in music recently is represented by wide range of famous names. You can find the best of them in this Rap Musicians Screensaver. FEATURES Beautiful high-quality images The most famous
  • PHP Events Calendar Script 1 1

    Don't you want to have all these done automatically with just simple data entries? Webbiscuits events Calendar lets you update your website with latest events in just a few mouse clicks. events Calendar keeps your
  • Eskildsen EMA 5.0

    This program is designed to remind you of events, such as birthdays, appointments etc. All you have to do is type in all the events you wish to be reminded of and the programme will do this when Windows is started. It
  • Date Reminder for Blackberry 1

    Never forget an important event again! Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and other special events -- fast and easy, sorted and grouped together in one place, allowing you to easily contact the relevant people.
  • M-Minder 3.1

    Reminds you periodically of scheduled events. M-Minder reminds you of scheduled events at computer startup. After you have viewed the list of events for the day the software hides itself in the System Tray and reminds
  • MatrikonOPC Allen Bradley PLCs Plug-In

    The Allen Bradley UCS Plug-in enables OPC access to the most popular Allen Bradley PLCs. Built for those who are integrating their Allen Bradley PLCs with historians, HMIs, and other OPC-enabled applications or devices
  • The Great Pyramids of Giza Screensaver 1

    Make a virtual tour around one of the Seven Wonders of the World. There are no more famous ancient sites within Egypt, or for that matter elsewhere in the world, than the great Pyramids at Giza.
  • A World Trip Screensaver 3.0

    Around the world in few seconds. The screensaver brings you few of the most famous monuments from around the world. The Statue of Liberty, great Wall of China, Taj Mahal to name a few. Download right
  • PopUp Wisdom 1.07.01

    PopUp Wisdom displays famous and not-so-famous quotes and humour on deman or at a timed shedule. Easily add your own messages and reminders. Supports forunte file format. Supports multiple